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The well-renowned Critical Link Conference was held this year in Edinburgh on the premises of Heriot Watt University. The weather was as one would expect from a Scottish summer but the atmosphere at the Conference certainly made up for that.

Edinburgh is an amazing city but the real adventure started in the campus: we were even provided with instructions to open and lock the door, which I thought was hilarious – how difficult can it be, right? I didn’t bother reading them and I left my room unlocked; apparently I was not the only one. The campus was huge and I was very grateful to be offered a lift to the residential building unfortunately this meant I needed help to find my room the second time around as well. The best advice I got was “just follow the crowd” which turned out to be more helpful than the map, in my case at least.

The conference programme was extremely varied with as many as 10 parallel sessions running simultaneously and due to my personal interest I focused on the pedagogy and cross-sector presentations. You can read the full article in ITI Bulletin – September Issue.